Confluence is an exciting public programme of site specific contemporary art across the Penryn Campus. 

In geography, Confluence is term used to describe the flowing together of two rivers or streams, but it can also mean the coming together of people and ideas. The Confluence programme aims to reflect the flowing together of the diverse disciplines and skills represented by Falmouth University and The University of Exeter and to bring together artists, students and members of the community with an engaging range of contemporary art projects.

For 2013 Confluence presented a curated programme of installations, interventions and participatory events exploring relationships between art, technology and the physical environment. Browse our archive of Confluence 2013 projects by invited artists including Thomson & Craighead, Stanza, Alex Murdin, Jamie Allen and Will Schrimshaw.   

The main curated programme is supported by the Confluence Student Stream, a showcase for the talent and creativity of Falmouth University and the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus students. It’s not only a great opportunity to get work shown alongside established artists but also a platform to try out ideas, collaborate and gain experience.

Visit the Confluence Student Stream pages to find out more about past projects and how to submit a proposal and get involved in the 2013/ 2014 academic year.

Confluence is open and free to the general public, campus visitors, students and staff

For news and updates about our upcoming programme for the next academic year please join the Confluence mailing list or follow us on Facebook or Twitter

If you have any questions or would like to find out more please email us at