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New Student Inductions 2018/19

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New Student Inductions 2018/19

Monday, September 17, 2018 - 9:00
Friday, September 21, 2018 - 17:00

Your University teams are here to advise, support and guide you, to enable you to succeed in your studies and University life.

Starting University is a very exciting and challenging time. So that you know what to expect when you arrive, we’ve organised a number of induction activities to help you get settled and prepare you for University life and learning.

If you've any questions about student life, please just ask! You can email us - compass@fxplus.ac.uk or ring us on 01326 370460 or visit Compass Online.

Student Services

There will be a variety of activities happening in Welcome Week. Information stalls will be available in the Compass (Level 0 of the Exchange, Penryn campus) on Monday through to Wednesday from 10am to 4pm and on Thursday 20 September in the Fox Cafe. You’ll have the opportunity to register for the doctors, find out about Car Parking, Accommodation, Wellbeing, Student Admin, the Sports Centre and much more. Regular buses will be running between campuses, so it’s easy for everyone to attend.

The team will also be meeting Falmouth students as part of a timetabled induction to introduce themselves and provide an overview of the range of support available. 

Email: compass@fxplus.ac.uk, Telephone: 01326 370460.


Regular Library tours will be available for two weeks at both the Falmouth and Penryn Campus libraries following Welcome Weekend. Tours are highly recommended. During Welcome Week (Monday 17 to Friday 21 September), they will run on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and on the following week Monday to Friday. Tours will start at the Library helpdesks and will run at 12pm and 6pm. Tours will take approximately 15 minutes. 
Individual tours are also available upon request.

The following online inductions are available:

Falmouth University
University of Exeter

Email: Library@fxplus.ac.uk and visit our Library website.

ASK: Academic Skills

ASK offers advice on academic study throughout the year. The ASK team are planning to meet all first year student groups within the first two to three weeks of term. They will introduce you to StudyHub, an online study skills resource with a range of self-help tips, recommended tools and apps to support your studies. StudyHub also includes details about our study skills workshops, which cover getting organised, writing your essay, to referencing, group work and more.

Returning to learning?

On Friday 14 September, the ASK team will facilitate a Return to Learning - Study Skills Day for students who may have had a break from education and are looking to get back into study.  This will be a mix of workshops, discussions and a tour of campus, it’s a great opportunity to meet fellow students and members of staff. This is not programme specific. Students will be able to choose to attend a variety of workshops focusing on getting started in higher education, academic writing, referencing, using the library, an intro into IT, digital literacy and more.

Email: ask@fxplus.ac.uk, or visit the ASK website.

English Language Courses

For any students for whom English is a second language there are both Social and Academic English courses available. Studying in a second language is an amazing achievement but can be challenging at times. For new students, the Welcome English course runs 5.30pm – 7pm during the first two weeks (Tuesday 18 to Friday 29 September) and is a great way to settle in, find out more about Cornwall and meet other students from around the world.

The Academic English courses (starting 1 October) are subject specific and focus on the language and vocabulary you will need for your course. You can also receive individual language feedback on your assignments to help you achieve the best grades you can. Details of languages, levels, timetables and enrolment are available at:

Email: languages@fxplus.ac.uk, or visit the Languages website.

IT Services

The IT Service Desk is available to help with all of your IT needs - whether you are on or off campus, using our IT Suites or your own computer. IT will be part of the Student Services inductions to say hello and explain how they can help. 
Email: servicedesk@fxplus.ac.uk, Telephone: 01326 213822

First, Second and Third Year Groups

Library & Academic Skills work with academic staff to plan relevant sessions and their incorporation into your timetables during the course of the academic year. Direct entrants can either join the main inductions or be welcomed separately.