A greener campus

We follow and promote the principles of one planet living;
  • minimising our use of non-renewable and scarce natural resources,
  • planning, investing and involving our staff, students and communities in sustainable practices, and
  • providing an education in sustainability relevant to a world threatened by climate change.
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Green Teams




Join a Green Impact Team

Green Impact is now in its fifth year on the Falmouth and Penryn University Campuses.  Come and join us and take part in this national environmental accreditation scheme.  The NUS led Green Impact programme is open to all Falmouth, Penryn and FX Plus staff, and each year more and more teams are joining in and taking part.  Throughout the year, Green Impact teams improve their own environmental performance by progressing through a workbook of actions and implementing as many as possible.   Our 2016/17 Workbook is now live at http:/www.greenimpact.org.uk/falmouth

Each year a team of students audit the teams’ progress and award them either bronze, silver or gold awards. These are then given out at an end of year celebration of the teams’ collective efforts towards sustainability.   

This scheme is open to all members of staff; the workbook can be tailored towards, labs, offices or even catering facilities. Green Impact is a great starting point to become more sustainable in your workplace, as well as supporting the sustainability agenda on campus. Or if you have already been minimising your environmental impact, Green Impact may be a way of showcasing the great work you have already been doing.

You can find out more about Green Impact at:  ">



How to get involved

Green Impact teams are organised by themselves and can be based in departments, buildings or just a group of like-minded colleagues. There is no size limit and anyone can initiate and lead a team.

Once you have registered you will be supported by FX Plus Estates’ Carbon and Sustainability Manger.

To take part in Green Impact, simply:

Visit the workbook and either register if you're setting up a new team or login if you're a returning team. http://www.greenimpact.org.uk/falmouth

If it's your first time taking part, or you have any additional questions, please contact sustainability@fxplus.ac.uk

Once you have signed up you simply get started on the workbook. Arrange an initial meeting, have a look at the essential criteria and decide how you want to tackle the workbook through the year. This year you also have the opportunity to be assigned a Green Impact Project Assistant, these are students we train to support you. This is great experience for them and a little help with some of the legwork for you



Falmouth and Penryn Campuses Green Impact Scheme Achievements 2015-16

Estates (Penryn Campus)

BronzeFalmouth Exeter Plus

Estates (Falmouth Campus)

BronzeFalmouth University


BronzeFalmouth Exeter Plus

Dyslexia Services

BronzeFalmouth Exeter Plus

Academic Support Unit

Working towards BronzeUniversity of Exeter at Penryn Campus
Catering SilverFalmouth Exeter Plus
CSM Mineral Processing - LabsSilverUniversity of Exeter at Penryn Campus
CSM Analytical - LabsSilverUniversity of Exeter at Penryn Campus
Campus and Commercial EventsSilverFalmouth Exeter Plus
Estates TimetablingGoldFalmouth Exeter Plus
CEO SET Support TeamGoldFalmouth Exeter Plus
Estates Grounds TeamGoldFalmouth Exeter Plus