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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Should your child give up their place in the Woodlane Day Nursery, a notice period of 2 months is required. All monies should be paid on the child leaving the Woodlane Day Nursery.

Any child who has been sent home from the Woodlane Day Nursery because of ill health will not be re-admitted for at least 24 hours. If a child is prescribed antibiotics they will not be allowed to return to the Woodlane Day Nursery for at least 48 hours.

Should a child be on prescribed medication, it is the responsibility of the parent/carer to notify the Woodlane Nursery Manager or key-worker and to sign the necessary form consenting to administering of such.

Parents/carers are asked to refer to the Illness/Communicable Disease List supplied for your information on minimum periods of exclusion from Woodlane Day Nursery.

Parents of children who are not potty trained will provide disposable nappies and baby wipes, although the staff team will give every support to toilet train the child.

The Woodlane Nursery will be closed on the annual Bank Holidays and for 1 week at Christmas and the New Year. (A list of these dates will be displayed in the Woodlane Day Nursery).

Fees are payable monthly, these are paid a month in advance. Fees are payable whether your child is present or not. Holidays must be booked at least 2 weeks beforehand and a retainer will be charged.
Fee increases will be made on an annual basis on notice from the Woodlane Nursery Manager. Should the fees for your child’s place be in arrears by £300.00 or 2 months, the Woodlane Nursery Manager has the right to terminate that place (arrangements should be made to pay back any arrears owing).

The Woodlane Nursery opens Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 5.30pm.  All children must be collected before the session finishing time otherwise a charge will be made.

Current guidelines recommend that to avoid the possibility of an allergic reaction sticking plasters should not be applied to children in Woodlane Day nursery. Sometimes, as a parent you will be aware that a plaster works wonders for the minor injury! In order to comply with guidelines we have decided to give parents/carers the option for plasters to be used on their child and you’ll be asked to give your consent when you register with us.

In the unlikely event of serious injury or sudden illness affecting your child we will endeavour to contact you immediately. If for any reason this is not possible our qualified first aiders will administer first aid and/or seek medical assistance as thought necessary. In such an emergency if hospital treatment is required a staff member will accompany the child to hospital, and wait until a parent/carer arrives.

Please note the nursery can only administer prescribed medication.

Snack and drinks will be made available to the child throughout the day and it is the responsibility of the parent/carer to notify the staff of any allergies the child suffers.
A hot midday meal will be available for the children at an extra cost. Menus will be displayed for inspection. Notification on a monthly basis, of the type of meal requirements must be made to the staff.

Parents/carers during settling in, may stay until both you and your child feel comfortable and secure in the Woodlane Day Nursery setting.

The government provides funding for all 3 and 4 year old children the term after their 3rd birthday. Currently the government will fund you for 15 hours a week, of early education over 38 weeks a year. The nursery is also able to accept funding for some 2 year olds. 

There are occasions when the Woodlane Day Nursery wishes to take photographs or make video recordings of the children. Sometimes this is strictly for educational purposes and on other occasions it may be for other purposes ancillary to the running of the Nurseries (e.g. taking photographs for use in our brochure and on our website).
Similarly, there are occasions when the local press visit to record particular events and they may wish to publish photographs of children in newspapers or use recordings of the children on television when reporting these events.
In order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 the Woodlane Day Nursery needs your consent before taking photographs or making video recordings of your child for purposes which are not part of its core activities. A permission form will be in your welcome pack.

During the summer months we ask all parents/carers to bring in sun hats and sun cream for their child. We apply sun cream to all children before they go outside on sunny days and we need to ask for your consent to do this.
If you do not provide sun cream the Woodlane Day nursery staff will use Woodlane nursery sun cream on your child. Permission forms will be in your welcome pack.

Parents must supply the Woodlane Day Nursery with Emergency contact telephone numbers and these must always be up to date. The parent/carer has a responsibility to notify any change of workplace, home address, or contact person.

Parents/carers must also provide the Woodlane Day Nursery with a password. Anyone collecting their child from Woodlane Day Nursery who is not a known person will be asked for the password before they can take the child with them.

FX Plus Woodlane Day Nursery was set up to provide care for the children of students and staff. However we recognise the importance of being part of the local community and there are places made available for children of members of the public.

We make a conscious effort to give equal opportunities to everyone. The nursery is an inclusive setting that promotes equality of opportunity recognising and developing the unique skills and abilities of each child. We aim to accommodate any child referred to us by social services whenever possible.

All enquiries are taken into account and a note made of any specific sessions required. We try to be flexible with attendance patterns to meet the required needs.

We operate a waiting list. Any new enquiry is added to the list. Priority on the waiting list goes firstly to students and staff, then to siblings of children already attending the nursery and then to members of the public, according to the order in which they appear on the waiting list. The waiting list is reviewed annually in June. Confirmation of a nursery place will be given in writing. We shall also write to those parents who have been unsuccessful at this time and we will continue to keep their child’s name on the waiting list unless we are asked to remove it. Parents are welcome to contact the nursery with any queries they may have concerning their child’s place on the waiting list at any time during the year.

Registration forms, terms and conditions and policy documents are shown and explained to parents before their child starts at the nursery. Registration forms and any extra information are given to the nursery manager before a child starts at the nursery and added to the nursery’s data base.

Last amended by: Amanda Cooke
On: 11/04/2016
Review date: 04/2017