A greener campus

We follow and promote the principles of one planet living;
  • minimising our use of non-renewable and scarce natural resources,
  • planning, investing and involving our staff, students and communities in sustainable practices, and
  • providing an education in sustainability relevant to a world threatened by climate change.
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Conference and Events newsletter

Penryn Campus Events Update

Regular update from the Campus & Commercial Events Team (CCE), providing news and information about events taking place on the Penryn Campus.
If you would like your event to feature in this newsletter, please send through the details to: events.coordinator@fxplus.ac.uk

Read the August 2016 Penryn Campus Events newsletter

Cornwall Plus Update

Investing in our campuses - regular updates from the Cornwall Plus Team - news and information about the commercial, profit-making activities taking place on the Penryn Campus.

Cornwall Plus is the trading subsidiary of Falmouth Exeter Plus. FX Plus delivery partners work together to offer accommodation and other campus facilities to the general public when they’re not in use by students. The profits we make, around (£300K) each year, are reinvested back into the campuses for the benefit of all our students.

Read the September 2016 Cornwall Plus newsletter