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Using eduroam at the Penryn and Falmouth campuses

The JANET roaming service provides access to the eduroam network at academic organisations across the U.K. The eduroam service allows you to access the internet and possibly other local facilities using your username and password allocated to you by your own IT Services Department.

The service has two parts depending on whether you are visiting the Penryn or Falmouth campuses or you are a registered user on the Penryn network and are visiting another participating organisation.

Information for visitors to the Penryn and Falmouth campuses.

  • Falmouth University implements Tier2 of the JANET Roaming Service specification.
  • Visitors wishing to use the eduroam service at Falmouth University must read, understand and comply with the JANET eduroam policy.
  • Visitors must agree to abide by the JANET acceptable usage policy.
  • Visitors requiring support must obtain this from their home IT Services support team. The IT ServiceDesk at Penryn can only assist you in getting connected the eduroam WiFi network.

Information for Falmouth University users visiting another organisation.

  • Any user registered to use the network at the Penryn/Falmouth Campuses (All Falmouth students and staff, all University of Exeter, Cornwall CampusEC students and staff and all Falmouth Exeter Plus staff) can use eduroam at any other participating organisation.
  • To connect to the eduroam service at the site you are visiting you must use your registered username followed by the realm name @falmouth.ac.uk or @fxplus.ac.uk and your password.
    (eg. If your Falmouth University username is jb123456 then your eduroam username will be jb123456@falmouth.ac.uk. If you are an employee of Falmouth Exeter Plus then your eduroam username will be jb123456@fxplus.ac.uk.
  • Falmouth University users that are visiting another organisation must configure their equipment to access the eduroam SSID that should be detected automatically.
  • Users must be aware of the obligation to obey the policies of JANET, your home organisation and the organisation which you are visiting.
  • Please ensure that you read the JANET roaming user-guide before roaming until you are familiar with the terminology and limitations of using the Eduroam service.
  • If you need assistance the IT department of the institution you are visiting should be able to get you connected to their eduroam WiFi network but for any other issues (eg Authentication failures, forgotten passwords etc) you must obtain support from your own IT Services department.

There are brief instructions below on how to configure Microsoft Windows© XP to connect to the Falmouth Exeter Plus eduroam service. Whilst they are not complete for every possible device, they should give you an idea of what needs setting up and similar guides for other operating systems and virtually any wireless device capable of browsing the internet can be found on the relevant manufacturer’s web sites.