A greener campus

We follow and promote the principles of one planet living;
  • minimising our use of non-renewable and scarce natural resources,
  • planning, investing and involving our staff, students and communities in sustainable practices, and
  • providing an education in sustainability relevant to a world threatened by climate change.
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IT Suites

We have various IT suites across both Falmouth and Penryn campus available for students to use. These include both open access IT suites and bookable rooms.

We have various software available in these IT Suites to support you in your studies. If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Direct line: 01326 213822 (ext. 3822)
Email: servicedesk@fxplus.ac.uk

Penryn Campus

Falmouth Campus

UoE Software -  Oct news 2016

The specialist software available in IT Suite DDM 3.037 has been rolled out across all Penryn Campus Clusters including the library open access computers (ground floor) and the Peter Lanyon computers (1st floor).

The only exception to this software roll-out is Surfer, a surface mapping programme, which will be loaded onto a number of specific PCs in the various clusters that which will be labelled accordingly.

If you have any queries or issues with IT equipment or software please contact the IT Service desk.