A greener campus

We follow and promote the principles of one planet living;
  • minimising our use of non-renewable and scarce natural resources,
  • planning, investing and involving our staff, students and communities in sustainable practices, and
  • providing an education in sustainability relevant to a world threatened by climate change.
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FXNET Secure wi-fi

In order to provide a secure service, the Wi-Fi connection across both the Falmouth and Penryn Campus’ is FXNET Secure. Network security is of paramount importance to Falmouth University and Falmouth Exeter Plus and the FXNET Secure WI-FI has been designed with security in mind.  

As well as offering a more secure service, there are other benefits to using this WI-FI connection:

  • A simpler and quicker connection process, (you will no longer need to register your device using device registration)
  • Less chance of service failure
  • Problem machines which could be at risk will be detected and removed from the network much more quickly
  • Improved performance
  • No need to wait for your device to be registered and become ‘active’ during peak times

Initially, you will need to configure your device to access the FXNET Secure WI-FI. Once your device has been configured, all you need is your university username and password to connect. The relevant documentation to guide you through this configuration process is available to download below or from the service desk. The Service Desk team can also assist you to connect your device for the first time. please do not hesitate to contact the Service Desk if you have any queries or concerns.

Wi-Fi is available to students throughout both campuses and within the Glasney Village.


The RESNET Wi-Fi connection is available within the Glasney Village. You will be required to Register in order to connect to the network.

UoE Secure

If you are a University of Exeter student, the Wi-Fi connection is called UoE Secure. More information on how to connect to this can be found within the Wi-Fi section on the University of Exeter website.

Use of File Sharing Software

Please note that you are not allowed to use file sharing software (e.g. Limewire, BitTorrent, UTorrent) on your computer when using the University Wi-Fi connection. Using such software will result in your Internet access being blocked. As some online games automatically update themselves via file sharing software, to prevent your connection from being temporarily blocked, please make sure you deactivate automatic updates.

Tuke House

Internet access is availble at Tuke house through a Wired and Wi-Fi connection.