A greener campus

We follow and promote the principles of one planet living;
  • minimising our use of non-renewable and scarce natural resources,
  • planning, investing and involving our staff, students and communities in sustainable practices, and
  • providing an education in sustainability relevant to a world threatened by climate change.
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Staff information

Student Services enquiries and appointment bookings

The Compass is the first port of call for all Student Services enquiries and bookings (Accessibility & Inclusive Learning, Living Support, Wellbeing and the Chaplaincy). Please direct students to the Compass or to access compass on-line in the first instance if they need to make an appointment to see one of our teams, or if they have any questions about student life.

Student Services have a new When To Refer students to expert help guide. We also have a Signposting Students for Support: A Quick Reference Guide for Falmouth Staff – which provides details about who to contact if you have a student who is struggling academically, experiencing engagement, behaviour or conduct issues, or is in need of welfare support. The UoE version of this guide is here.

Staff concerns about student welfare and behaviour

If you have concerns about a students’ welfare or behaviour, the Living Support team can help. To assist with their response, it would be useful for the team if you could complete the Living Support cause for concern form. However, if you have immediate concerns about a student, you are welcome to contact Living Support directly by telephone - (01326) 255341 (ext 5341). It is understood that you may just wish to talk through a concern or scenario with one of the team, so please feel free to contact.

Pastoral care for staff

If you are supporting a student and are personally affected by the issues raised, the Chaplaincy team provide pastoral care for staff and can be contacted onchaplaincy@fxplus.ac.uk

Meeting you, explaining what we do

We are keen to explain more about Student Services and how we work. If you would like us to come along to one of your team meetings, please get in touch with Michelle Lewis (Living Support Manager) michelle.lewis@fxplus.ac.uk to arrange a convenient date/ time for you.