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Supporting University growth

This page explains how FX Plus is supporting the growth of the Universities.

New buildings

A number of new, shared buildings at the Penryn Campus have opened:

  • Sports Centre which includes a 700 sqm four-court sports hall, 150 sqm fitness studio and a 350 sqm gym with up to 90 stations, opened in September 2016. This Sports Centre is available for use by students, staff and the local community.
  • Little Wonders nursery for students, staff and parents in the local community caters for 54 children aged 0-5 years in three age group rooms, each with outdoor play and learning areas.
  • The Heart reception is located next to the shop to enhance the day to day life of students and improve the visitor experience.


  • We’re working with private sector developers to identify suitable sites for the development of new purpose built student accommodation in Falmouth and Penryn.

 Study Spaces

We recognise that having enough study space for our students is crucial and we’ve been working to ensure we will have enough space (as measured by benchmarking ratios). We are also looking into how we can support changes to modes of learning support and provision both of study spaces and opportunities for learning interaction.

Our Library and Academic Services teams will continue to increase the number of study spaces in line with SCONUL (The Society of College, National and University Libraries)* national guidelines and in response to concerns raised by the FXU and through the FX Plus Shared Services survey.

In 2015-16 a quiet Study Space with additional seats was created in the Library on the Falmouth Campus. This summer (2017) the Penryn Campus Library has had a major refurbishment including improvements to study spaces.

During the busy exam period and final assessment time Seminar Red (in The Exchange building) is added to the Penryn Campus Library to give an additional 56 study spaces.

Additional Formal Teaching Space at the Penryn Campus (lecture halls and seminar rooms)

Long term solutions are continually being discussed and reviewed. In the short term, to meet the immediate demand for more teaching space, non-teaching support functions have been relocated on the Penryn campus to make more teaching space available. See our Campus 20/20 plans for upcoming proposals including academic space and Stannary improvements.

IT Services

Whilst we continue to expand the Wireless Network coverage across all our campuses, IT Services have also increased our bandwith to the Internet to 10GB/s. Further plans include:

  • upgrading wireless access points to support the latest technologies
  • improving print production facilities at the Falmouth Campus
  • improving availability to specific specialist software for UoE students
  • working with other departments to investigate improvements in learning spaces


The Timetabling team regularly monitors the effectiveness of timetables and carry out surveys twice a year to ensure we are making the best of the teaching space we have available. At present the space we have available meets the needs of the required timetables which means we do not have to extend our normal teaching day.


  • The Stannary Restaurant (Lower Stannary) has been enhanced to increase seating capacity and reduce queuing time through the recent provision of an extra till point. The Stannary Deli now offers custom made sandwiches and the upstairs Stannary Cafe/Bar offers more food options as well as coffee, alcoholic and other beverages. We have also increased the number of toilet facilities.
  • We have invested in replacement ovens, expanding refrigerated storage capacity and rearranging the preparation areas to support both the growth in student numbers and catering for the new day nursery.
  • We’re looking at how we can increase the opportunity for delivered catering across the campus which would also allow us to release kitchen space for reallocation to teaching space.
  • An extension to Koofi has increased the floor area by 75%.

Social Space 

  • We have identified a range of possible spaces that can be used both socially and potentially for private study. We are assessing them in conjunction with the FXU.
  • Short term improvements are focused on increasing capacity in the Lower Stannary to allow for a greater number of people to attend events. We’re also looking at installing lobbied sliding doors at the main lower entrance to the Stannary (east on to the Heart) to make it a more sheltered and comfortable environment.
  • Currently most events focus largely on the Stannary and the top floor of the Daphne du Maurier building - we’re looking at opportunities to hold events in different places on campus.

Transport and Parking

We appreciate the additional burden of cars which comes with expansion of the Universities, and actively try to put other measures in place so that students and staff have other options to travel to campus. As numbers grow we will be further subsidising the expansion of the local bus services which benefits students, staff and the local community.

FX Plus is committed to regularly updating the Green Travel Plan for Cornwall Council approval. Included within this is encouragement to minimise car use whilst maximising bus, cycle and pedestrian use for travel to and from the campus. A five year bus contract with First Fal was agreed in September 2014.

Through our Green Travel Plan we have:

  • Worked with First Bus to introduce the U3 bus which operates directly between the Falmouth Campus and the Penryn Campus
  • Reduced bus fares to £1 per journey between Falmouth and Penryn Campuses.
  • Supported the Mussel Card
  • Promoted collaborative projects with Sustrans on cycling and walking events 
  • Introduced lower car parking charges at Penryn Campus for lower emission vehicles 
  • Installed our first Electric Car charging points at the Penryn Campus
  • Created 700 cycle parking spaces across both campuses
  • Added four Dr Bike cycle checks and cycle tool kit loan
  • In partnership with FXU, created a car share portal

Public footpaths are being improved and cycle lanes introduced on routes approaching the Penryn Campus.

*The Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL) represents all university libraries in the UK and Ireland, irrespective of mission group, as well as national libraries and many of the UK’s colleges of higher education. SCONUL promotes awareness of the role of academic libraries in supporting research excellence and student achievement and employability, and represents their views and interests to government, regulators and other stakeholders. It helps academic libraries collaborate to deliver services efficiently, including through shared services, and to share knowledge and best practice (

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