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Green Travel

Sustainable Travel

Our Green Travel Plan outlines our commitment to develop provision for pedestrians, cyclists and for multi-modal transportation including public transportation. Commuter and business travel makes up approximately 16% of our total emissions profile.

Measures aimed at addressing the below objectives are laid our within our 2016 – 2021 Green Travel Plan. Ultimately, the purpose for the plan is to improve public transport provision, improved facilities for cycling and walking, improved car park management to encourage sustainable vehicle usage and promoting a work/study from home culture. Both universities encourage students, staff and visitors to consider using alternative methods of transport to help reduce the impact of car travel on the environment. By working in close partnership with Cornwall Council, and other strategic partners, both institutions endeavour to continue developing and improving the range of travel options available to members of the universities as well as visitors. More detailed information can be found on our main travel and transport pages.

Green Travel Plan

The key objectives of this plan are to:

  1. Reduce emissions towards net zero
  2. Reduce parking congestion and traffic in the campus locality.
  3. Encourage and promote healthier travel methods for staff and student health and wellbeing
  4. Improve the safety and accessibility of travel within and between campuses.
22 April 2021

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