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Returner Accommodation

Applying for Accommodation

Applications will be in two stages. Stage one is for students with a medical or welfare need. We will prioritise students based on the severity of their needs. Stage two is for all other students and will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please ensure that you read the Application and Allocation Policy before you submit an application for details of the application and offer process: Returning Students Application and Allocation Policy 2021-2022

Stage one has now closed. We aim to send offers of accommodation to successful applicants within seven days of applications closing. There will then be a deadline of five days to accept the offer of accommodation.

Stage two is for all other returning students and will open at 9:00am on Tuesday 6th April and will remain open while there is accommodation available.

You will need to submit an online application through Room Service.

Please make sure you apply for the upcoming academic year, 2021/22, and not the current year, 2020/21. Applications for 2020/21 will be rejected and you will need to re-apply.

Available Residences

We have en-suite rooms available at Glasney Student Village and The Sidings. You will be required to rank these in order of preference on your application form, but we cannot guarantee an offer of your first choice.

There are also a very limited number of studios available at The Sidings and Maritime Studios, but these will only be for students who require them for medical/welfare reasons. If you would like a studio please request one in the Notes section of your application, stating which residence you would prefer.

Contract Length and Costs

Prices for 2021-2022 are as shown below. All contracts will be for 40 weeks from 11th September 2021 to 18th June 2022.

Glasney Student Village en-suite (double bed or two Studybeds), self-catered£154.63 per week (£6,185.20 total)
Glasney Student Village en-suite (double bed or two Studybeds), catered£197.89 per week (£7,915.60 total)
The Sidings en-suite, self-catered£156.58 per week (£6,263.20 total)
The Sidings studio en-suite, self-catered£170.79 - £185.01 per week (£6,831.60 - £7,400.40 total)
Maritime Studios studio en-suite, self-catered£176.00 - £186.00 per week (£7,040.00 - £7,440.00 total) 


Two weeks after your contract has been accepted it will become legally binding and you will not be released unless a replacement tenant is found.  For further details please read the cancellation policy.


For those currently living in university owned or managed residences (Glasney Student Village, Packsaddle Hill or Tuke House) who are offered a place in Glasney Student Village, your deposit will be carried over on to your new contract. However, at the end of your current contract if you have any outstanding payments or charges you will be required to pay these directly with the Finance Office before the start of your new contract.

All other returning students will be required to pay a new deposit.


You will need to provide the details of one guarantor when you accept an offer of accommodation.

A guarantor is a third party, such as a parent or close relative, who agrees to pay your rent if you are in arrears. The guarantor will be sent an agreement to sign and return to the Accommodation Office as part of the offer acceptance process.

If you cannot provide a guarantor please contact the Accommodation Office. 

Contractual Information 2021/22

If you are made an offer of accommodation you will be sent an accommodation agreement (contract). It contains the terms and conditions that apply to living in University accommodation in conjunction with the Halls Regulations and Resident Handbook. It is important that you read this information before accepting an offer.

Please find copies of our contractual documents and procedures below;

Please find our policy and contractual documents below.

Policies and Procedures 2021/22

Agreements and Regulations 2021/22

Private Sector Accommodation

There is a variety of private sector accommodation available in Penryn, Falmouth and surrounding areas from lodgings and studio apartments to shared houses and flats. The Private Sector Liaison Officer, based within the Accommodation Office team, can give you detailed advice and support in finding the right place to live. 

Please see the Private Sector Accommodation page for further information.

12 March 2021

The Little Wonders Nursery team at Penryn Campus has joined the RSPB Wild Challenge.