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New Supplier Requests

New Supplier Requests

Procurement are unable to set up new suppliers on the Agresso system if the stakeholders have not used any approved procurement method (i.e. three quotes, approved supplier directory, tender etc).  If you need clarification on this, please contact

In order to set up a New Supplier, we require the following documents (New supplier application form and banking details on headed paper)  to be sent to Procurement:

  1. New Supplier Application Form

    This document must be emailed to the supplier, who will need to complete and sign Section 1. Once returned, the requestor will then need to complete Section 2 and e-mail to  Please be aware that all sections of this form must be fully completed or the forms will be returned and the set-up process will be delayed. This form replaces the previous Internal Supplier Creation Request Form

  2. Supplier Banking Details on Headed Paper

    The Supplier must send a copy of their banking details on headed company paper.

If the New Supplier is not a limited company or VAT registered, they must also fully complete a Tax Assessment Form.
Please be aware that the payment terms are set at 30 days.  Any supplier requesting different terms will be rejected.

The Finance team are unable to process payments on Agresso to overseas companies.  Any payments outside of the UK will need to be paid outside of the Agresso system.  Please contact the Agresso team for further details:    

Please allow 24 hours for a new supplier to be set-up on the system.  Once this has been completed the requestor will be e-mailed the Agresso supplier code to confirm that the supplier has been successfully set-up.

All forms can be located at the bottom of this page. Please note there are separate  Tax Assessment Forms for Falmouth University and Falmouth Exeter Plus.

For further information or guidance on this process, please refer to the ‘New Supplier - Flowchart’ document below, or email

IR 35 Legislation

There are occasions when the University needs to bring in individuals to undertake work on a short-term or one-off basis (e.g. contribute expertise to a particular project or undertake a service or task). In these circumstances, the University is required to ensure that the appropriate employment status is applied (i.e. employed or self-employed) in accordance with HMRC rules and arrange payment for any services rendered through the correct route (i.e. payroll or purchase ledger).  

It is the responsibility of managers, with the guidance of HR & Payroll Services, to establish the employment status, and appoint using the correct form of contract, prior to engaging an individual to undertake work for the University. Under no circumstances should the employment status of an individual be established by a member of the payroll team at the time of payment.

When deciding on the appropriate route to engage an individual, please use the HMRC employment status tool to determine and evidence the appropriate route for engagement.  

Further guidance on the IR 35 Legislation can be obtained by contacting 

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