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Sprucing up the Tremough/Cornwall Campus

30 January 2013

You may already be aware that our Penryn Campus porters are now known as caretakers, and that the team has recently joined forces with the gardeners and cleaners under the direction of our new Head of Campus Presentation, Natalie Brown, but what you might not know is what an enthusiastic and energetic band they are when it comes to sprucing up our lovely campus, both inside and out.

We hope you have noticed that the courtyards and steps around The Stannary have benefited from a deep clean, and that new smoking bins now rid us of unsightly cigarette butts littering the entrances to our buildings. 

You may also have noticed bright white flagpoles standing to attention at the main entrance and the smart new flags that now flutter in the breeze.

It is this attention to detail that will help make ours the world-class environment that we all aspire to.

Please let us know which other areas of the Campus you think would benefit from our attention by emailing

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