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30 January 2013
We have installed new software in the Porters’ Lodge to alleviate the daily queue of Glasney Student Village residents waiting for their post.
30 January 2013
You may already be aware that our Penryn Campus porters are now known as caretakers, and that the team has recently joined forces with the gardeners and cleaners under the direction of our new Head of Campus Presentation, Natalie Brown, but what you...
30 January 2013
Our new Wellbeing Centre is now open at the Penryn Campus.
30 January 2013
Rhododendron Shilsonii is not only one of the earliest to flower in the year, but it is also the first rhododendron hybrid to have been developed at the Tremough estate.In the mid-1800s, species of rhododendron were sent back from the Himalayas by...
30 January 2013
Accommodation Services gave the gift of Christmas cheer to the students who remained on campus during the festive season.
The Exchange opening 18 January 2013
22 January 2013
A £10 million investment in innovative learning, teaching and research facilities at the Penryn Campus has been formally opened by Professor Anne Carlisle, Vice- Chancellor of Falmouth University (Falmouth) and Professor Mark Overton, Deputy Vice-...