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24 March 2015
In February, our Grounds team held an Apple Pruning Day in The Walled Garden at the Penryn Campus. Our expert team of horticulturalists taught students and staff how to care for apple trees, prune them correctly, increase fruit yields and regenerate...
24 March 2015
The Compass hosted a Chinese New Year celebration event this term that was well-attended and hugely popular with our students from around the world.
24 March 2015
Our Estates team rescued a beautiful barn own that had accidently flown inside one of our waste skips in the autumn, which exemplifies how we look out for wildlife and preserve biodiversity at the Penryn Campus.
24 March 2015
Our Joint Systems Committee, which provides a strategic overview of partnership IT, has supported an outline proposal to hold an Exploiting Digital conference this summer.
24 March 2015
Our Archives & Special Collections staff were delighted to learn that they had inspired the plot of a novel.
24 March 2015
Project Manager, David Garwood has collaborated with Head of Retail, Entertainment & Bar Services, Nigel McAlwane and the Falmouth and Exeter Students' Union, FXU to transform The Stannary Bar at the Penryn Campus.


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