University of Exeter
Falmouth University College

Meet Match Move

2 February 2018
An event aimed at helping students who are looking for private sector accommodation form a group to house hunt has been held at Penryn Campus.
Hosted by the FX Plus Accommodation Team the first ‘Meet Match Move’ event took place in the Upper Stannary. 
FX Plus Private Sector Liaison Officer Richard Wilkins, said: “We’d never held such an event before so had no idea whether students would be interested but in the end nearly 120 turned up, packing out the Upper Stannary and so it was great success.
“We asked everyone to fill in a card with their name, contact details, what they were looking for and what they ideally wanted in a housemate or housemates. We also asked them to include a self-portrait and pinned them on a display board. Some of the mini-portraits were amazing- and ranged from stick men and women to full length sketches, Picasso-style cartoons and one student who drew themselves as a carrot!”
The cards are now available in a book at Glasney Lodge so students who couldn’t make the event can still try to match with other house hunters.
The Accommodation Team is hoping to host another event in April.