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Coastguard Certificates to Thank FX Plus

13 August 2018

Certificates of appreciation have been presented to FX Plus as thanks for allowing two employees the time to volunteer and respond to emergencies for the Coastguard Rescue Service. 

IT team members Mark Rosevear and Steve Davey are both Volunteer Coastguards. For this they train one evening every week and are available 24/7 for coastal emergencies.  

Emergencies can include medical evacuations; technical rope rescues if someone is stuck on cliffs or cut off by the tide; mud rescues and coastal searches. Recently the pair took part in the coordination and three-day search for a missing person and covering about 50km of the Falmouth and Truro river, along with other coastguard teams, police and search and rescue resources.  

Mark and Steve are also trained in advanced first aid and medical interventions, so can respond to medical emergencies, for instance apply tourniquets and splints if someone involved in an incident is injured.  

Steve, Senior Infrastructure Engineer has been with FX Plus for 12 months and a member of the coastguard rescue service for nine years. His most memorable operation was rescuing people from a boat on a pontoon, at Mylor Harbour, during a severe storm. 

"That was so dangerous that the lifeboat couldn't get in close enough," he said.  

Mark, Senior Desktop Support Technician, has been with FX Plus for three years and a coastguard rescue officer for 18 years, recently promoted to station officer for the team. His memorable operation involved a technical rope rescue in Falmouth in January during high winds and snow recovering a one of two young people with the second being recovered by the rescue helicopter.  

Stuart Gaslonde, FX Plus Director of IT and Digital Services, said: "The certificates are a way of the Coastguard showing appreciation that we 'allow' Mark and Steve to take time to perform these rescues. We are proud to have them as part of our team and believe that their dedication is evident in the work they do as well as their volunteering."  

Tony Sanders, FX Plus Managing Director, added: "Volunteering is a really good way for our employees to build on their strengths and to learn new skills. We are delighted to receive these certificates and thank the Coastguard as well as Mark and Steve for their efforts."