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Penryn Car Parking Policy changes

5 September 2018

Communication was sent out in May about changes to the Penryn Campus Car Parking Policy. Following feedback about those policy changes, which will come into effect on Monday 10 September, charges for Pay As You Leave parking will be capped at £6 maximum per day.

We have made these policy changes as part of a commitment to become a more environmentally sustainable campus.

As a reminder, other main points in our new policy are:

• Car parking will remain free for up to one hour. Following that, charges will be as follows:
• 0 – 1 hrs free
• 1 – 2 hrs £2
• 2 – 3 hrs £3
• 3 – 4 hrs £4
• 4 – 5 hrs £5
• 5 + hrs £6

• The time when there is no charge for parking (overnight and weekends) will be increased by two hours every weekday. It will still be free to park all day at weekends, as it is now. Additionally it will be free to park from 5pm until 9am on weekdays (previously 6pm to 8am).

• Weekly car parking permits will no longer be available.

For more details of car parking, including permits, and alternative transport to and from Penryn Campus click here.

For the Car Parking Policy click here.

There will be an opportunity for campus users to provide feedback on parking policies and associated charges in an open discussion at the end of October – more information to come. Please do get involved, as this will be your chance to shape future policy.