University of Exeter
Falmouth University College

Sustainability news - reducing disposable cup use

6 September 2018

As part of our journey to more sustainable campuses we have introduced the Eco to Go reusable and biodegradable hot drinks cup.

This is sold across campus catering outlets at cost price (£4.20). Customers get a free hot drink when they first buy a cup so the actual cost is only about £2.

We have also increased the amount of china cups for those ‘drinking in’ by introducing them to all catering outlets on our campuses.

This means that customers now have three, more sustainable alternatives for hot drinks – Eco to Go cups, china cups and using their own cups.

Last year about 1.8 million hot drinks in disposable cups were sold on our campuses. These cups are usually ‘contaminated’ (I.e. not clean) after use so cannot be recycled.

Therefore, we have decided that the next stage on this particular sustainability initiative will be that, from Monday 17 September, disposable hot drink cups will now only be available on request at an extra charge of 20p.

This is the same amount that we already charge for a cup if a customer has brought their own drink in and it is to encourage our customers to ‘Do the Green Thing Together’ by using one of the three, more sustainable alternatives. 

The 20p will be put towards future sustainability projects on our campuses.

Look out for more positive changes coming soon to our catering outlets, including ‘weigh and pay’ salads – no more plastic containers; reducing the number of plastic bottles for sale and introducing self-service drinks dispenser taps.