University of Exeter
Falmouth University College

Sustainability Week 2018

29 October 2018

Our first Sustainability Week – Doing the Green Thing Together - has launched so look forward to a variety of events and ways to get involved.
We are working with both universities and FXU on this and FXU is hosting the whole events calendar on their website (click here).

Various student societies also have a lot of activities going on during the weekends bookending this week, including beach cleans, a wildlife watch, wooden spoon carving, make your own deoderant and allotment days.

We also have the first electric bus in Cornwall being trialled by First Kernow on Wednesday 31 October. The bus will run free shuttle trips for employees and students, between Falmouth and Penryn campuses, from 9.15am (timetable below).

Here’s a taster of some of the events – we ask you to support as many as you can:

The Monday launch in the Exchange Lecture Theatre: Tony Sanders, Juliet Osborne, Director of Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) and Sarah Redman, FXU President Student Experience will tell us all more about the big sustainability push. A chance for you to ask questions will follow and, for those who can’t make it, the event will be live-streamed on FXU’s Facebook page.

A Sustainable Activities fair on Tuesday showcases sustainability-minded student societies including Zero Waste, Green Living, Flicka, EcoSoc and Penryn Produce. There will be info, fun, games and freebies.

On the same day ESI Open Afternoon offers the chance to find out about some of the valuable research we all support in our work for FX Plus.

ESI will also host Sail Against Plastic, (a pioneering team of scientists, filmmakers, photographers and artists) who will be showing their film A Message from the Arctic, following their expedition to determine the levels of plastic pollution on ocean currents. This is one of several films being shown this week.

On Wednesday you could get involved on a sustainability design workshop and also go to the Green Gathering which is where you get your chance to voice your ideas for making our campuses more sustainable.

If you’re at Falmouth Campus use the free electric shuttle bus to come to these events!

If you can’t make it to Penryn from Falmouth why not help out planting some of the 10,000 daffodil bulbs sourced for this week? Members of the Grounds Team will be on the Falmouth Campus with a stand (with flag) ready with bulbs.

The Green Partner Fair on Thursday gives you a chance to meet a lot of the businesses we work with and there will be food samples, discounts and offers, raffles, freebies and more! There are a good range of partners coming, with exhibitions ranging from e-bikes to beer and crisps.

The electric bus will also be at Penryn Campus that day with a representative from the manufacturer available to answer questions and there will also be some free chocolate involved.

Friday is more of a fun day with foraging and gardening, including planting about 10,000 daffodil bulbs and the used clothing workshop - Swap, Don't Shop! Fix, Don't Ditch! Falmouth University’s Fashion and Textiles Institute and S4S project (Designing a Sensibility for Sustainable Clothing) University of Exeter’s ESI invite you to discuss your wardrobe habits, donate your unloved clothes, swap them for new style crushes, and show you how to give your clothes a little TLC in their mending station. This event will be in collaboration with Cancer Research UK.

There’s more, including talks from academics and plenty of other events, so don’t forget to check for details (and to find out where a lot of these events are) on the FXU website.

Electric bus shuttle timetable Wednesday 31 October:

From Penryn Campus bus stop area to Falmouth Campus - a free service for students  and employees. First Kernow will have a member of staff on the bus stop at Penryn to help students and employees.

Penryn Campus depart – 09.15 to Falmouth Campus (Woodlane bus stop).

Falmouth Campus (Woodlane bus stop Depart – 09.45 to  Penryn Campus

Penryn Campus depart – 10.15 to Falmouth Campus (Woodlane bus stop) Falmouth Campus (Woodlane bus stop) – 10.45 to  Penryn Campus

Penryn Campus depart – 1115 to Falmouth Campus (Woodlane bus stop) Falmouth Campus (Woodlane bus stop) – 1145 to  Penryn Campus

Penryn Campus depart – 1215 to Falmouth Campus (Woodlane bus stop) Falmouth Campus (Woodlane bus stop) – 1245 to  Penryn Campus

Penryn Campus depart – 1315 to Falmouth Campus (Woodlane bus stop) Falmouth Campus (Woodlane bus stop) – 1345 to  Penryn Campus

Penryn Campus depart – 1415 to Falmouth Campus (Woodlane bus stop) Falmouth Campus (Woodlane bus stop)  Depart – 1445 to  Penryn Campus