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Falmouth University College

Wildflower planting on the increase at Penryn Campus

26 June 2018

Our Grounds Team has been working to increase the amount of wildflower areas at Penryn Campus.

Benefits of wildflowers include encouraging more insects which in turn support more birds and bats. We have seven species of bat on campus, including pipistrelle, long eared and horseshoe and they regularly feed on insects at sundown in the wildflower areas around Glasney Village.

FX Plus Head Gardener Toby Nenning said: “This is one of the ways we support biodiversity on our campus, including building bug hotels and having different habitats throughout our grounds.

“Wildflowers are really important. We cut down some areas to provide more usable spaces for students, and employees and sometimes it’s for safety – for instance, making sure visibility is clear for vehicles.

“But we are keen to balance this with wilder areas and will be adding signs to several areas so campus users can understand why sometimes these spots look overgrown but are actually full of campions, ox-eye daisy, early purple orchid, marsh orchid, field forget-me-not, vipers bugloss, corn marigold, ragged robin, poppies, teasel and many more which are on the increase on site.”