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Falmouth University College

National Conference Appearances for FX Plus

2 April 2019


Falmouth Exeter Plus (FX Plus) representatives have been invited to speak at the same HE Estates national conference.

The annual Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE) conference, will take place at Lancaster University, in April.

Tony Sanders, FX Plus Managing Director, will speak to highlight industry leading innovative plans for shared campus services and Peter Howells, Head of Property Management and Falmouth Estates Business Partner, will be presenting as part of a competition-winning team.

The invitation for Pete Howells came as a result of a winning piece of work, a group project that he was involved called ‘Delivering Integrated Facilities Within a More Efficient and Sustainable Estate’.

Pete said: “FX Plus may be out on a limb geographically, but in relation to this conference I think we are punching well above our weight.

“At the AUDE Summer School we were put into groups of eight and sent away to work on the project. My group decided to look at a long term view – how estates delivery would develop over the next ten years.”

The group carried out a series of interviews with key stakeholders, including architects, student union presidents and registrars. Pete himself interviewed Professor Anne Carlisle OBE, Vice Chancellor of Falmouth University, and Sarah Roby, FX Plus Director of Estates.

He said: “I was the only person who interviewed a Vice Chancellor and her thoughts were amazing – tearing up the textbook to change the face of learning.”

The resulting body of work, including ‘Top Tips from a Vice Chancellor’, was submitted in January, presented to AUDE members in February and then chosen as the winning entry.

Professor Carlisle has subsequently been asked to speak at AUDE’s next Summer School, where participants will be set the next big project.

Tony Sanders said: “The work compiled by Pete and his group is very high quality and highlights the forward thinking partnership we have here in Cornwall to deliver a top learning environment to students of two universities. I am also delighted to be invited to speak at the AUDE conference in the Estates arena and hope to learn from other speakers in areas of best practice.”