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Apprentice Celebration for FX Plus

29 May 2019


The first of a series of FX Plus apprenticeship celebrations has taken place, including presentations of certificates to those who have completed their training.

The events have been organised by Vanessa Templeton and offer a chance for apprentices to meet and share their experiences.

The next event is set for Monday 10 June and is also open to anyone in FX Plus who wants to find out more about apprenticeships - whether looking to undertake an one or looking to recruit an apprentice.

Vanessa said: “We want these events to bring people out of their silos and encourage cross-working. Our apprenticeship scheme is going really well and June’s open event is geared towards highlighting this so more employees can benefit.”

At May’s event, FX Plus Managing Director Tony Sanders said: “This opens up a lot of opportunities for you and gives you another recognised qualification for your CV. Our apprenticeships are available to all FX Plus employees at any level because we want to support you to develop your career and skills. This could involve an apprenticeship for a higher grade role or for a completely different role in a different department.”

He presented certificates and vouchers to Charlotte Laity and Rebecca Ferns to mark their achievement in completing their apprenticeships. Charlotte started as a Timetabling and Room Bookings Administrative Apprentice in 2017 and was promoted to Timetabling Officer. She also won the Truro and Penwith College Customer Service Category in last year’s Cornwall Apprenticeship Awards.

Other examples of success so far include Brogan Dorgan who is completing a Supervisor apprenticeship, been promoted to Hospitality Manager and is planning to start the next apprenticeship level up.

Laura Partoon has completed a Level Four apprenticeship and been promoted to Catering Manager. She said: “One thing I have enjoyed is being able to mix with new people while learning new skills.”

Anthony Shepherd, is completing a level 3 diploma in management, having moved from Campus Patrol to Cleaning Manager. He said: “One of the benefits for me is learning on the job. This apprenticeship has also helped to build my confidence and really brought me out of my shell. I can’t say anything bad about my experience, it has been really good for me.”

The line-up agenda for the 10 June will include talks from Chris Moyle, Business Development Advisor, Truro and Penwith College; Charles Marson, HR; Vanessa Templeton, apprentices Charlotte Laity and Hilda Sigvaldadottir and a Café Workshop.

Apprenticeships will play a key part in employees’ future annual performance reviews. The Human Resources (HR) department hope to use the reviews to learn what training needs to be offered.

The FX Plus Apprenticeships Programme is one of a range of opportunities for employees to improve or expand their skills. Open to new and existing employees it involves a combination of working with FX Plus and guided learning with an independent training provider (locally these are Cornwall College, Cornwall Marine Network and Truro and Penwith College).