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Audio Visual Support

Audio Visual Services (AVS) provides support in lecture theatres and seminar rooms in The Exchange, Du Maurier, Peter Lanyon and Tremough House. Our primary role is to support teaching, however, we also provide support under bespoke contracts to Conference and Events service, and these contracts have their own Service Levels and charges.

We’re here to help

The team can provide technical support ahead of your lecture or meeting. This includes helping you connect your laptop to our network and presentation equipment, playing a DVD/VHS, or just help loading your presentation onto the lecture PC.

Support Hours: 

Monday to Thursday, 08.45-17.15 and Friday 08.45-16.45.

Please contact us if you require out of hours support.

How to contact us

For booking AV support, lecture capture, videoconferencing and general enquires please email 

Please contact us on 5519 internally or 01326 255519 externally for support during teaching hours. Each seminar room and lecture theatre in the combined teaching spaces has a telephone which you can use to contact us in the event of an issue with the AV systems. Please note that we can only offer limited support for issues related to IT user accounts, user hardware or software and as such we will direct you towards the IT Service Desk where appropriate.

All AV requests are subject to support staff availability and we require adequate notice in order to manage resources effectively. All colleagues who receive AV/IT support from Academic & Student Services agree to adhere to the computing policies and JANET acceptable use Policy.

Lecture capture

RECAP Lecture Capture facilities are available for the University of Exeter in all of the lecture theatres on the Penryn campus and the Exchange Seminar Rooms.


AV Services offer video conference support in the combined teaching spaces using our system of IP based video conference hardware. Our facilities offer real time video conferencing to the University of Exeter where they also operate a number of dedicated rooms on the Streatham and St Lukes campuses. Please note that our primary support is this video conference platform and we can only offer limited support to those wishing to use other Desktop video conference technologies. This is also available to Falmouth University to communicate with other Hardware users.

To arrange a video conference, first contact the Room Bookings team and request a video conference capable room. If you have the information at the time, please provide the Room Bookings team with the room on the Exeter campus you wish to hold a video conference with. If you do not have this information at this time, please contact us when you do and we will amend your booking. We will be forwarded your information once the room has been booked. Equally, please make sure you also book support on the far site for a technician to attend.

Please give us as much information about the video conference as you can when making a booking as this will help us provide a better service. For example, if you know that a presentation is due to be given by a colleague from this campus to Exeter, or if you expect that a large number of people will be in attendance. Please make sure that you contact us if you wish to cancel your booking as soon as possible so that others may be free to use the service.


We now offer all year round Lecture Theatre and Seminar room equipment operation Inductions. Book with a member of the AV team and we will arrange an available room to provide uninterrupted training.


We proactively maintain equipment on a regular basis contained on our asset database we also advise on repair, replacement and maintenance of other department’s equipment.

Our AV Facilities

The Chapel Lecture Theatre

The Chapel Lecture Theatre (also known as LTC) seats 250 and is fitted with, a Panasonic High Power Laser Projector .HD videoconference System, a Blu-ray, a PC, a Wolfvision Visualiser (for projecting printed material) and an Interactive Pen Screen. A specialised control system allows this to be controlled from the lectern at the push of a button. 

Du Maurier Lecture Theatres A & B

Lecture Theatre A has a capacity of 291 and when combined with Lecture Theatre B can accommodate 395. Each lecture theatre has a lectern containing a Blu-ray player, a PC, Wolfvision Visualiser (for projecting printed material), an Interactive Pen Screen and a video conference system. A specialised control system allows this to be controlled from the lectern at the push of a button

The Exchange Building

The rooms in The Exchange have the same facilities a PC, a Blu-ray/DVD player, an interactive pen screen, and a  Wolfvision Visualiser The exception is the lecture theatre which has integrated Desktop Videoconferencing facilities. These rooms also natively support HDMI and VGA

Du Maurier and Peter Lanyon Seminar rooms

These rooms all have a projector and speakers connected to a Blu-ray/DVD player, a PC, and VGA laptop connection controlled from a push button control panel.

Peter Lanyon Lecture Theatres

These rooms all have a projector and speakers connected to a Blu-ray/DVD player, a PC, and VGA laptop connection controlled from a touch panel.

Tremough House Seminar Rooms

These rooms all have a large screen display connected to a Blu-ray/DVD player, a PC, and HDMI VGA laptop connection controlled from a push button control panel.

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