University of Exeter
Falmouth University College

Events During Covid -19

Covid 19 Regulations for holding an event on campus

This year, even more so than in previous years we need those holding an event on campus to help us keep the campuses safe. To ensure that this happens we require each event organiser to follow these regulations. If we find that events are in breach of these regulations, we reserve the right to close the event down, and any event being held that has not been authorised will be closed.

  1. You must retain a list of all attendees and their contact details for twenty-one days for Track and Trace purposes and Fire Regulations, should there need to be an evacuation.
  2. You must adhere to your time slot.
  3. The layout of each room is set out for social distancing as per government guidelines and cannot be moved.
  4. No alcohol can be brought onto campus. It must be ordered through the Bar to guarantee that you are covered under strict licensing laws.
  5. If you bring in your own catering, you must take all leftovers and packaging away with you. Nothing can remain. Additional cleaning equipment can be ordered to assist you with cleaning the area after your event.
  6. You must adhere to the room capacities. These are now clearly labelled outside each room.
  7. You must stay in your allocated spaces that you have booked. As lead for your event you must stay in control of your attendees whereabouts.
  8. You must make sure that you have removed all of your event kit at the end of the event that you have brought with you. Nothing can be left behind
  9. Marquees cannot be used for events without booking them through the events team. Anyone using them without an official booking will be asked to leave immediately. The heating elements are gas and oil and cannot be used without the correct training and supervision.