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Important Information for Running Your Event

Measures to Consider and Implement Before Your Event

People management

  • Review all aspects of your event to students or staff with reduced mobility to ensure either no impact or additional actions needed to support.
  • Provide event goers with resources that detail the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 to help educate potential event goers on whether they should attend or stay home.
  • Require staff and event goers to stay home if they have experienced COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 day, have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14-days, or have had contact with a known or suspected COVID-19 case.
  • Plan to minimise person-to-person contact for event organisers and staff during the planning process.
  • Maintain updated contact information for staff and venue operators to communicate information about COVID-19 updates.
  • Establish video/audio participation options for sick and/or high-risk individuals.


  • Complete a Risk Assessment and Fire Risk Assessment
  • Is there a separate exit from the building so that we have one way in and a separate way out for your event?
  • Is additional security or staff required to manage capacities/entrances/ exits movement of delegates?
  • What changes need to be made to your usual emergency exit plans to accommodate appropriate distancing?
  • If you are charging for tickets you should consider flexible refund policies and communicate these policies to attendees.
  • Create a plan to respond to medical or other predictable natural and man-made threats and hazards (e.g. security incident, fire, weather emergency).
  • Identify the closest hospital or health centre should someone become ill.
  • Emergency response plan and, staff or supply a first-aid station for minor injuries or sick attendees.
  • Create a plan for contacting event goers after the event, should it become necessary to notify them of exposure to COVID-19.


  • Does the current entrance allow safe access to the building for you event?  Would it cause unacceptable levels of congestion with other access points or circulation routes?
  • Do we need to direct users to a different entrance from usual?  What issues might this cause with internal circulation - especially if there are restricted areas in the building?
  • Make sure you have booked additional cleaning requirements for your event.
  • Plan for a location to isolate event goers and/or staff who demonstrate signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Check that there is signage outlining face coverings and/or other personal protective equipment rules, physical distancing requirements, and other COVID-19 specific procedures; ensure any messaging surrounding COVID-19 recognises and addresses cultural, language and/or disability barriers 
12 March 2021

The Little Wonders Nursery team at Penryn Campus has joined the RSPB Wild Challenge.