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Falmouth University College

Fox Cafe - Falmouth Campus

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday - 9am - 4pm.⠀

Located at the bottom of the hill from Woodlane you will find our Wood clad ‘Fox’ building. You will receive a warm welcome in the modern, open, social eating space. The Fox café will serve you sandwiches and pastries, award winning home made cakes, and exceptional barista coffee to go with them. We are passionate about reducing plastic waste, so all our containers, bottles etc are now sustainable. You can purchase an Eco cup from us which is totally Bio and planet friendly and can be reused and washed up just like any other cup.

As a sample of the type of food on offer during normal times, take a look at our Breakfast and Lunchtime specials menu.

Try our Healthy Cornish yogurt and home made granola with a fruit compote, or Vegan croissant, Fresh fruit, Bacon Baps, or full English breakfast, accompanied with our huge range or teas or barista coffee. Oat milk is now available at our café along with Soya milk. 

You will be able to get pasta with a choice of sauces daily as a budget meal. We offer traditional main meals, and European/Asian/Arabic choices changing daily. We cater every day for Vegan/Vegetarians and Gluten free diets. We encourage you to come and talk to us if you have any particular dietary needs. If you want food on the run, grab a sandwich and a drink on our meal deal.

We look forward very much to seeing you here.

22 April 2021

We’re supporting the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Pack for Good campaign which means you can get rid of unwanted household items while helping to save lives, support sustainability and raise money for a charity.