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First Bus Kernow operates buses in Cornwall, including the bus services U1, U2, U3 and U4.

The U1 travels between Truro and Falmouth via Penryn. The U2 travels between Redruth and Falmouth via Penryn. The U3 is an express service from Falmouth Campus and The Moor to the Penryn Campus (it does not travel via Penryn) and runs every 15 minutes during term times. The U4 goes between the Penryn Campus and Penzance. 

The national Megabus also stops at Penryn Campus (and in Falmouth). For more information see

We also operate a bus shuttle to ASDA twice a week from the Penryn Campus bus stop.


Changes from 01 September 2019

First Bus Kernow has changed the bus payment system to work mostly through an app, available for iPhone or Android devices. Despite the universities wanting to protect the £1 fare, First Bus were unable to enter into a new contract which would allow it to continue. Instead, First Bus are offering ticket bundles exclusively through the app aligned to their pricing principle of having cheaper fares for those who use the buses more often. 

This all means that, depending on how often you use the bus and whether you pick the right bundle for you, you could see a reduction in your overall travel costs. You can scroll to the bottom of this page to see a table of options. Please note, all options include use of the night bus service.  

The universities are continuing to invest the car parking revenue into encouraging sustainable travel via the buses through up to £50 of free travel for every student or member of staff. 

In order to access this, please:

1)      Download and register an account on the First Bus app (Apple Store or Google Play) using your university email address

2)      Register for the Cornwall Travel Club using the same details, which will generate a reply email with a verification link

3)      Verify your email by clicking the link, and either log in to the Travel Club account or go to step 4 if you’re already logged in. Make sure you select Penryn Campus Staff and Students or University Students from the Employer drop-down menu

4)      Fill in the form on the Travel Club webpage, or at

5)      Receive your code and use it on the app to get your free travel code

 You to choose from:

• Free 10 day bundle, giving you 10 days of travel anywhere within Cornwall
• Free 20 day bundle for town zone Falmouth and Penryn
• Free monthly pass for Falmouth and Penryn

For more information see: 

If you have any questions about the bus service please contact First Bus Kernow or  

Scenario - based on one return journey per dayPrevious cost

Weekly Local Town Zone Unlimited
£13 per week.

Monthly Local Town Zone Unlimited
£45 per month on DD.*

Local Town Zone 5 day Bundle
£15 (£3 a day)

Local Town Zone 20 day Bundle
£50 (£2.50 a day)

Difference per week**Price per journey **Contribution from the UniversitiesDifference per academic year (student 36wks) **Difference per calendar year (staff 47wks) **
7 days per week








days per week






days per week£10.00£13.00£10.38£15.00£12.50






days per week£8.00£13.00£10.38£12.00£10.00





days per week£6.00£13.00£10.38£9.00£7.50£1.50£1.25£50.00



days per week£4.00£13.00£10.38£6.00£5.00£1.00£1.25£50.00



day per week£2.00£13.00£10.38£3.00£2.50£0.50£1.25£50.00



Please note, this is a simplified matrix to help you determine what could be the best package. It's always worth checking your own needs. All comparisons are based on the bold-highlighted options. 

* cost based on £45 per month times by 12 months divided by 52 weeks
** based on recommended package highlighted bold

11 November 2019

Christmas Lunch Menus and dates are now available for The Stannary Kitchen and Fox Cafe.

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