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Enterprise Car Club

A self-service hire car that can be hired for as little as 30 minutes is based at Penryn Campus. Car Club vehicles are a more cost effective alternative to most one and two day rentals.

The car has a dedicated parking space in Car Park A, near the bus stops, is available 24/7, 365 days a year and can be reserved in advance or at a moment’s notice. It is available to anyone who registers for (and is accepted) the Enterprise Car Club - age 19+

The easy booking process for the Ford Fiesta, part of the Enterprise Car Club fleet, is fully automated via an online booking tool or app.

Employees who already hire cars for work will have been notified of their new car club account sign up details. However, all employees (universities, FX Plus and FXU), students aged 19+ and members of the community can take advantage of this car by signing up for personal car club membership.

This is a pilot scheme which has been organised by our own Sustainability Team and if successful will lead to more car club cars being based at Penryn Campus. Anyone who signs up can also use any Enterprise car Club vehicle across the UK (130+ locations).

We are hoping it will be particularly useful for students who do not want to bring a car to university but will need to make occasional trips to places in Cornwall that are not well served by public transport, or who have equipment to carry (for instance photography equipment).

To encourage sign up to the scheme, Enterprise has created two special offers one for employees and one for students.

Students can sign up from £6 a month and receive £20 worth of driving credit. To sign up they should log on to the Enterprise Car Club website and add the code UNIECC to the promo code box and then add E832NR to the member referrals box.

For employees who sign up for personal membership, the £60 annual membership fee will be waived. Employees should log on to the Enterprise Car Club website to sign up and then add SUNECC1 to the promo code box and E832NR to the member referrals box.

When signed up you will be given a number to the Club House which you can contact 24/7. Should you have any queries or concerns the Enterprise Helpdesk number is 0345 266 9260. There is also an app that can be downloaded which can be used for reservations and to gain access to the car.

This video gives a quick overview of how this works:

See also FAQs document below the image.

22 April 2021

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