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Top tips for travelling by train

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  • A 7 day season ticket between Truro and Falmouth costs just £19.60 (£2.80 per day). With this ticket you can travel between the 2 stations at any time of day, get on and off at any stations in between and also use it at weekends. There are also part-time season tickets too. Season tickets can be bought at any staffed station, e.g. Truro. (Prices correct September 2019).
  • The Cornwall Ranger ticket allows you to travel off-peak all day in Cornwall for just £12.50 (£8.25 with a railcard). 
  • You don’t have to be aged 16-25 to have a student railcard. If you are over 25 and in full-time study you are also eligible to buy one.  
  • The best value fares are released 12 weeks in advance so if you know when you want to travel, get in quick and you can get some cheap fares. Great Western Railway and Crosscountry trains do not charge a booking fee when you book through their websites, other websites such as the TrainLine do. 
  • What is peak- off-peak? Generally off-peak is after 09 30 but that isn’t always the case. On the Maritime Line the first off-peak train from Falmouth is the 08 50; the first off-peak train from Truro is the 09 20. Off-peak is when tickets are cheaper and you can also use your railcard then.
  • Fares
    -Falmouth- Penryn £3.20 return at Peak times. £2.70 return off peak (08 50 train from Falmouth) or £1.80 with a railcard.
    -Truro– Falmouth £6.50 return at Peak times. £4.70 off-peak, £3.10 with a railcard. Falmouth- Penryn 7 day season ticket- £9.30 1 month season ticket- £35.80
    -Truro– Falmouth 7 day season ticket- £19.60 1 month season ticket- £75.30 1 month part-time season- £50.00 ( 3 days a week)
  • To calculate your season ticket rate visit
  • Rail Passengers are only allowed to take 2 large bags and one small bag on trains. Unless you have booked assistance you need to be able to carry your own luggage so don’t take too much or you might be refused!  If you do have a lot of luggage it may be easier to get it delivered via who offer a door to door service. Students can get a 15% discount. Larger bulkier items such as skis are subject to an extra charge. 
  • For more information on travelling by train from Penryn and Falmouth, check out our website 


22 April 2021

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