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Document Name Upload date Type Size Download
Audit Committee constitution, FX Plus 31/01/2014 pdf 79.61 KB Download
Campus Services Liaison Groups constitutions, FX Plus 31/01/2014 pdf 125.71 KB Download
CEO delegated powers, FX Plus 31/01/2014 pdf 66.91 KB Download
CEO schedule of authority 13/05/2016 pdf 172.22 KB Download
CEO's schedule of authority 2015-16 13/05/2016 pdf 172.01 KB Download
Cornwall Plus Memorandum of Understanding 31/01/2014 pdf 763.46 KB Download
Corporate Governance Structure, 2013-14, revised 31/01/2014 pdf 32.16 KB Download
Decision-making diagram - roles and membership, 2013-14 31/01/2014 pdf 23.97 KB Download
Environmental Sustainability Working Group constitution 31/01/2014 pdf 111.83 KB Download
Falmouth Exeter Plus 5 Year Strategy Framework 2014 13/08/2014 pdf 910.38 KB Download


22 April 2021

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