University of Exeter
Falmouth University College

Sandwiches (Falmouth Campus)

Sandwich platters - £2.60 per round

Selection of white or wholemeal.  Gluten free available on request. Choose from:

  • Plain ham (1pp, contains wheat)
  • Ham & mustard (1pp, contains wheat & mustard)
  • Beef & tomato (1pp, contains wheat)
  • Tuna Mayonnaise (1pp, contains wheat, egg & milk)
  • Free range egg salad (1pp, contains wheat & egg)
  • Free range egg mayo & cress (1pp, contains wheat, egg & milk)
  • Mature Cheddar & pickle (1pp, contains wheat & milk)
  • Vegan roast pepper & hummus (1pp, contains wheat)
  • Mixed salad & sweet chutney (1pp, contains wheat)


Summer Ball 2019

Tickets now on sale for the Summer Ball Carnival!!