University of Exeter
Falmouth University College

Packed lunches (Penryn Campus)

Our Packed Lunches offer a variety of choice to suit all dietary requirements. Our sandwhich fillings can be vegan or vegetarian, and we can provide gluten-free bread, cakes and pasties - just let us know what you need!

   Basic Packed Lunch £6.00

  • Sandwich (1pp, contains wheat - see label for filling contents)
  • Crisps (1pp, contains sulphites)
  • Biscuit (1pp, contains wheat & milk)
  • Water,
  • Fruit (1pp)

   Classic Packed Lunch £10.00

  • Sandwich/Roll (1pp, contains wheat - see label for filling contents)
  • Homemade Cake (1pp, contains wheat, milk & egg)
  • Cornish Orchard Apple Juice (1pp)
  • Hand-cooked Crisps (1pp, contains sulphites)
  • Fruit (1pp)

   Executive Packed Lunch £12.00

  • Artisan Roll (2pp, contains wheat - see label for filling contents)
  • Homemade Cake (1pp, contains wheat, milk & egg)
  • Cornish Orchards Apple Juice (1pp)
  • Hand-Cooked Crisps (1pp, contains sulphites)
  • Fruit (1pp)
  • Cocktail Pasty (1pp, contains wheat & egg)

Summer Ball 2019

Tickets now on sale for the Summer Ball Carnival!!