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Campus Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan

Campus Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan

This plan has several aims

  • To give general information about the fire and emergency arrangements on the Penryn Campus.
  • To provide a base document for action in event of fire for all staff.
  • To provide basic plans and procedures for key personnel in the event of a fire emergency.
  • Outlines the required training and competency for staff with responsibilities during a fire emergency.
  • To be a reference document for the Emergency Services.

The Penryn Campus Emergency Evacuation Fire Plan is designed to react to a fire emergency anywhere on the Penryn Campus (Glasney Village has a separate Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan) and provide a process for evacuating people from danger, protect assets and property, and restore operations to normal as quickly as possible.

This plan outlines the procedures to follow should an emergency develop under ideal conditions. However, each emergency is unique and the recommended procedures may not be suitable for all conditions that arise. Therefore, self-protection should always be the primary element of any emergency procedure.

28 August 2020


The Cornwall Plus team has achieved a Silver award in the Green Tourism Accreditation Scheme - on first application.