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Alcohol - know when to stop

The Police are encouraging people to keep safe and have a good time over Christmas.

Traditionally the number of incidents involving alcohol and violence (including assault, sexual offences and domestic abuse) increase at this time of year and this year is no exception. Former PCSO John Dukes said: “We want everyone to enjoy themselves. Whilst most people drink responsibly, there is a small minority who do not. Alcohol can dramatically change someone’s behaviour which can often result in them doing something they may not do when sober. We are asking people to think about the consequences of excessive drinking before they begin their night out.”

Our advice to people to stay safe includes:

  • Drink responsibly – know when to stop drinking alcohol and drink water regularly during the evening.
  • Always walk away from trouble.
  • Stay in control and prevent one night’s actions leaving you with a criminal record for years to come.
  • Plan how to get home before you go out and pre-book a licensed taxi if you will need one at the end of the evening.
  • Report domestic abuse and seek help and support if you are a victim.