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How we work with students

How we work with students

We will provide you with information, advice, guidance and support services to help you succeed in your studies.

The way we work is intended to help you learn valuable skills and make informed choices. We want you to develop your independence and self-awareness and play an active part in managing your own issues.

In order to properly support you, we need you to be honest about your needs and give consent for us to share your information with a few relevant people who can help.

We assume you are an adult who can make decisions for yourself, unless we are told something different. If you are under 18 years old, we will work with you according to our safeguarding policies and procedures.

We assume you are fit to study. This means that you can take part in study and student life in an appropriate way (with reasonable adjustments where appropriate), without putting yourself or others at risk. If this is not the case, we and other university staff will support and guide you in line with our Fitness to Study procedure.

We will take care of any personal data you trust us with and follow the Data Protection Act (1998). We may share information about you where appropriate with relevant people. This is to keep you safe and well, and to help us put you in touch with the right services. We are open and honest about what information we share and who we share it with. Wherever possible, we will respect your wishes about the use, storage and sharing of information about you. However, we may not ask for consent in some situations.

These include:

• if it can be legitimately implied (in other words, we genuinely believe you are happy for us to do this even though you have not directly said it);

• if we have a legal duty to share it because you or others are at risk.

• if getting consent would cause an unjustifiable delay in acting (e.g. investigating an allegation or risk of significant harm).

Please see our Statement of Service for further information.

22 April 2021

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