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Sustainable Procurement

The Procurement Team is committed to Sustainable Procurement and supports FX Plus' policies on environment and sustainability.

The team aims to:

  1. Train appropriate people in the principles of sustainable procurement and how to apply these in practice;
  2. Review the environmental risks associated with products and services, and target the high-risk and high-expenditure  commodities;
  3. Seek assurance that high-risk and high-expenditure suppliers comply with all relevant environmental legislation;
  4. Encourage all members of staff to question the need for new items, the quantity purchased, and to consider alternative solutions such as reuse, rental and sharing resources so that       specifications are functional and not over-specified;
  5. Consider opportunities, within commodity acquisition strategies, for products that are made from recycled materials and/or recyclable;
  6. Engage suppliers to improve awareness  of the University’s Sustainable Procurement Policy and to encourage them to improve and report on their environmental performance;
  7. Encourage suppliers to develop practical and proactive Corporate Responsibility (CR);
  8. Reduce the use of conflict minerals by encouraging IT & electronics suppliers to ensure conflict-free supply chains and prioritising suppliers that are doing more to track their supply chains.
  9. Assist organisations (including smaller, local and unorthodox enterprises) to understand our procurement processes so they can compete on equal terms;
  10. Apply whole life-cycle costing (WLC) to procurement decisions where the project value is greater than £5000. WLC will include costs and impacts (energy, water and other resource consumption) arising during operation, maintenance and disposal of products;
  11. Communicate the aims of the sustainability procurement policy to appropriate stakeholders;
  12. Ensure the results of sustainable  procurement activities are measured and reportedto all relevant stakeholders;         
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06 November 2020


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